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The book "Environmental Problems and Plant" provides a detailed account of Environmental Problems and their impact on plant by the leading subject experts. The book contain fifteen chapters dealing with Waste water quality and its use in agriculture; Rosaceous plant diversity of Sikkim; Nitrate and Phosphate contamination in water and possible remedial measures; Biofertilizers and the Environment; Physiological and Biotechnological Dimensions for sustainable agriculture; Ultraviolet radiation stress tolerence in cyanobacteria; Pesticide residues in rain water; Cyanobacterial diversity; Impact of integrated use of Inorganic fertilizer, Organic manures and Biofertilizers on Physico-Chemical Properties of soil; Effect of Sulphur and Zinc on fertility status, Nutrient uptake, Growth, Yield and Quality of Pippermint; Effect of long term cultivation of Centrolla on soil health; Effect of Neem leaf Extract and copper sulphate on certain Parameters of Nostoc. Issues related to diversity, environmental degradation, pollution and impact of climate change have been highlighted. This book will cater the interest of students, teachers and researchers of Botany as well Environmental Biology.

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