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"English for the Energy Industries: Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals: Teacher's Book" is a foundation English course for employees in the petro-chemical industry. It is aimed at pre- and low intermediate level students who have a basic grasp of English, but who need to use technical and semi-technical vocabulary within specific functional language applicable to the workplace. It provides approximately 140 hours of listening, speaking, reading, writing and language practice activities. There is a review lesson and self-assessment grid at the end of each unit, and a more in-depth revision and consolidation section after every three units. "English for the Energy Industries: Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals: Teacher's Book" focuses on high-frequency lexis and structures used in the work environment, such as the language of safety, instructions, description of equipment, processes and systems. Relevant technical and semi-technical lexical areas are introduced, practised and recycled in every unit using varied and progressively more challenging tasks. Grammatical areas are covered according to usefulness, rather than following a traditional grammar-based syllabus; areas such as the passive form, imperatives, and modals of advice and obligation are therefore given particular emphasis. "English for Oil and Gas" also develops the four language macro-skills in specific ESP contexts. For example, the reading strand uses simulated authentic, or authentic, texts that oil industry technicians will come across in everyday life, such as instruction manuals and safety leaflets. There is a substantial speaking and listening focus, with communicative pairwork tasks to practise and simulate real-life communication, such as describing and giving information about equipment and jobs, giving instructions and warnings and discussing workplace problems. Written tasks aim to motivate students by developing their knowledge of useful language phrases and chunks for different text types such as accident report forms and written notes and instructions.

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