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Communicative Language Teaching(CLT), a language teaching approach of the Anglo-centric education system was introduced as an ELT approach in many countries where English is used as a second and foreign language. In the same vein, CLT was introduced in Bangladesh in 2001 from class vi to class xii with the aim of making the learners communicatively competent. In Bangladesh the traditional Grammar Translation Method had been in vogue for ages. But, when CLT was introduced in Bangladesh, the teachers came across a lot of problems in the way of its implementation. Here teachers are seen to have both right and wrong perceptions about CLT. Quite interestingly, though the wrong perceptions have a negative impact on their classroom practice, the right ones do not positively contribute to their execution of CLT. This book, therefore, looks into the practicing English teachers’ perceptions about CLT and the extent of their classroom practice of CLT. While doing it, the writer discovers mismatches between theory and practices and investigates why the mismatches between theory and practices happen. The writer also compares the Bangladeshi CLT scenario with other EFL contexts.

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