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The book Secondary School Performance (SSP) in Bangladesh aims at statistically analyzing SSP in the context of secondary education system of Bangladesh. The analysis of the results of SSC examination in the last seven years (2001-2007) reveals that the over all pass 47.61 percent is undoubtedly lower than of expectation. To measure the SSP, we have introduced a new concept of School Performance Index (SPI) and Teachers Quality Index (TQI). We applied simple regression and multiple regression analysis with dependent variable SPI and the independent variables: TQI, proportion of experienced teachers, proportion of trained teachers, interaction effect of Mathematics and English teachers, student-teacher ratio and the different location and types of schools represented by dummies. On the basis of the findings, some recommendations are put forwarded to improve the SSP: the regions lagging behind be aided in terms of education facilities; all the schools be put under the management of the Government authorities; the secondary schools be provided with more trained, experienced and qualified teachers and qualified teachers in Mathematics and English are appointed in the secondary schools.

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