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Video The EMIE Radio Bluetooth Speaker is a portable Bluetooth speaker with a vintage radio look. It provides a daylong music experience with its embedded 6-hour battery. Take the “old days” with you in your pocket for your daily music life. Vintage Radio Design Wooden texture case and metallic texture button to create a vintage-looking radio. Mini but Mighty Sound Its body might be small, but its sound is mighty, which is your best road-trip companion. Build-in 520mah Battery Offers enough power for 6 hours of playing and can easily be recharged with your power bank connected by a Micro USB cable. Full Compatibility Fully compatible with devices with Bluetooth or non-Bluetooth devices by 3.5mm audio cable (not included). Specifications Name EMIE Mini Radio Wireless Bluetooth Speakers MR04 Brand EMIE Model MR04 Type Bluetooth Speakers Frequency Range 20Hz-20KHz Power Input Micro USB, DC IN 5V/1A Bluetooth BT 3.0 CST Chip Bluetooth Distance 10m Battery 520mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Speaker 1~1.5 inch 2W 4Ω Power 2W Input 5V-1A Charging Time 2 Hours Sensitivity 90dB Audio Input AUX IN 3.5mm(Not Included) Product Weight 160g Approx Product Size 115 x 30 x 79mm Package Weight 200g Package Size 150 x 60 x 90mm Package Contents1 x EMIE MR04 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 1 x USB Cable 1 x User Manual
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