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Brand ZUNNI Model ZN-3988 Color White + black Material Ceramics + plastic Quantity 1 Functions Electric curling hair iron hair style supplies Power 110~220V Power Plug EU Plug (2-Round-Pin Plug) Keywords Power: 63W; Mode: 2; AC power plug: EU plug (2-round pin plug); Cable Length: 200cm; Heat conductor material: Tourmaline ceramic; 1. Use PTC heat automatic temperature control energy saving; 2. IC circuit design two mode temperature adjustment 180~210 degrees temperature automatic adjustment; 3. Heating element using ceramic glaze processing acid and alkali (pH4~pH12) the smooth surface has wear resistance high temperature resistant long span life; 4. After perm can keep the hair elasticity chromaticity bright curl naturally easy to comb. Packing List 1 x Electric curling hair iron
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