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Ab belt is an electric pulsating muscle toning device that will firm, tone, and tighten your upper abs, lower abs, love handles, and basically all other parts of your body you wish to firm and tone. Features Abgymnic replaces monotonous sit ups and exercise. Only 10 minutes you can exercise your abdominal muscles approximately 600 times. Comes with an adjustable belt so you can use it on everything from your arms to your midsection and more. Exercise points: neck, shoulder, breasts, abdomen, lower abdomen, waist, upper middle back, back, arms, buttocks, upper thighs, hip, back thighs, thighs & thigh knees, inner thighs, calves, etc. 6 pre-programmed exercise and workout routines. Ab belt will work you out while watching TV, shopping, walking, washing the dishes, reading a book or watching TV, anyplace. No wires or cords need to plug in. Specifications Color Black Dimensions 22L x 11W cm Weight 140g Package included 1 x AB Belt, 1 x Long Belt, 1 x Short Arms Belt, 1 x User Manual
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