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Do you find you never make it to the gym? Would it be great to work out in front of the TV in the comfort of you own home? This is a spectacular home gym capable of providing a wide range of weight levels. The unique design allows for working out in both directions as elastic provides the force when expanding and contracting. All the special attachments needed to provide a full and complete workout are included in this great set. - High quality latex training ropes - Includes 5 ropes 5 different levels of tension (8KG/12KG/15KG/18KG/20KG) - Rope length: 1.2 meters - You can use a single or a few installed can also be fitted with the use of five to meet your different needs during exercise - Comfort handles allows you to workout longer - Perfect for body-building and fitness training - Package includes: - 5 colors training ropes with carabiner clip - 2 x Handles - 2 x Ankle straps - 1 x Door ankle - 1 x Mesh bag
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