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For this study, healthy, disease free Indian boys and girls of age 13-15 years, were selected by random sampling from the populace of Staff Colony of Eastern Railway Workshop, Kanchrapara, Nadia, West Bengal, India. Besides, a group of Scouts and Guides, from Bharat Scouts & Guides, Eastern Railway State, Kanchrapara, Nadia, West Bengal, India, were also included in the study. The volunteers were divided into 3 (three) major groups – 1) Sedentary Control (without imposing any exercise schedule). 2) Scouts & Guides doing their scheduled work out regularly for last 5 years and 3) Sedentary Experimental Groups (on whom the exercise protocol of Scouts and Guides were imposed). The Sedentary Experimental Group was subjected to the same exercise protocol as that of the Scouts and Guides for six months. This study also shows that, regular exercise bouts, even of playful type, like the exercise schedule of that of the Scouts and Guides, help to facilitate physical growth and development of young individuals of growing age. Along with regular exercise, concurrent support of nutrition helps in the growth and development of young boys and girls to a great extent.

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