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Pre workout supplementation has become a fundamental component in nutrition programs and is gaining interest in the sports nutrition industry. In the never ending quest for improved athletic performance, individuals interested in greater exercise prowess and physical appearance have ingested a variety of substances touted to act as ergogenic aids. Many athletes believe supplementation prior to training will result in improved focus, quicker reaction time, and increase performance. Companies manufacturing such supplements boldly claim that a single dose use of the product will dramatically increases exercise performance. Due to the well defined role of beta alanine as a substrate of carnosine, it is becoming a popular ergogenic aid among the athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Beta alanine carries potential beneficial effects with high intensity exercise. Limited research has been done till now to see the effect of single dose of beta alanine. Studies claiming its ergogenic effects have used supplements with multiple ingredients. Therefore, present research aim towards exploring the ergogenic effect of single dose of pure form of beta alanine on athletic performance in weight lifters.

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