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The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of an external heat flux applied to a bifurcated artery which surrounded by the human tissue during thermal therapy. Two different 2D models have simulated, first the bifurcated artery, and second the stenosed bifurcated artery with two symmetrical stenosis. This study helps a lot to determinate the principal data for achieving the goal of experimental simulation. Three different external heat fluxes, three different durations and different physical properties have been investigated. Non-dimensional blood and tissue temperatures were plotted against the longitudinal and transverse coordinates. Some dynamic and physical properties of the flow and the tissue were investigated. Simulation results show that the amount of external heat flux, the porosity, and the heating period are the crucial factors determining the distribution of thermal dose for thermal therapy. It can be concluded that by applying the optimum values observed, the critical values of velocity, tissue and blood temperatures for different location along the longitudinal axis, in order to cure cancer cells in thermal therapy in existence of stenosis, achieved.
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