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Media Nations: Communicating Belonging and Exclusion in the Modern World provides an original interdisciplinary introduction to the study of the media and nationalism in the modern world. Building on a range of international case studies and taking into account recent debates about globalization, cosmopolitanism and alternative modernities, Sabina Mihelj offers aninsightful analysis that:   n argues for the continuing relevance of concepts such as nationalism and national identity in understanding the global patterns of mediated communication and identification n bridges the gap between text-based analysis of national imagination and the more sociological concerns with the impact of media institutions and the broader political and economic context n challenges the tacit ethnocentrism of existing debates, and opens up the study of nationalism and mass communication to the multiple trajectories of modernity around the globe Media Nations is an important and timely contribution to debates on the media, nationalism and modernity. Sabina Mihelj has worked and studied in Slovenia, Hungary, and Germany, and is currently a Lecturer in Media, Communication and Culture at Loughborough University, (UK). Her research centres on issues of collective identity formation and mass communication, with particular reference to nationalism, European integration, religion and communism.

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