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In the modern world, ecology and the economy are on cross roads. With the increasing pace of globalization and economic liberalization, leading to phenomenal growth of consumerism by the modern civil society, there is growing consciousness to move gradually towards green growth with sustainability. The catalytic element in envisioning Green growth and Sustainability is ‘Eco-innovation’. Eco-innovation is closely related to the development and use of environmental technologies blended with the concept of eco-efficiency attributed to evolving eco-industries. The common aim is to contribute to more sustainable production and consumption patterns and promote green growth in an eco-friendly manner. The concept of Eco-innovation is gaining momentum in the context of fast deteriorating environment - consequential to energy-intensive industrialization and rise in greenhouse gas emissions, triggering global warming. This is being offset by developing Eco-innovation business models by the innovative business enterprises to produce eco-products catering to green consumerism to suit modern lifestyles. These initiatives have opened up a vista of entrepreneurship and new business opportunities.
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