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DVI to VGA Converter converts the digital graphics signal of your PC to analog VGA single, so that the PC, Notebook or console systems with DVI output can be connected easily and conveniently to display devices such as an LCD monitor, projector or TV with VGA only input. An easy way to make use of older display technology with a new signal source. Feature DVI to VGA Converter Converts a DVI-D (digital) to work with a VGA monitor, saving time and money by eliminating the need to purchase a new digital display for compatibility with DVI-D video cards or devices. Multiple Resolutions Support The DVI-to-VGA conversion supports multiple resolutions from 640 x 480 to 1920 x 1080. Support for Resolutions Up to 1920 x 1200 Allowing you to take full advantage of your VGA monitor's capabilities. Plug-And-Play No configuration or driver software required. Specification Type Converts DVI Video Connector to VGA Port for Projector, Monitor Input DVI Digital Single Link (24Pin Female) Output VGA(15Pin Female) Device Supported Monitor, Projector Frequency 50/60Hz Power Adapter 5V 1A DC Supported Resolution 640 x 480, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 720, 1280 x 768, 1280 x 800, 1280 x 1024, 1360 x 768, 1600 x 1200, 1920 x 1080 Unit Dimension 7.5L x 6W x 2H cm Package Included 1 x DVI to VGA Converter, 1 x User's Manual, 1 x Power Adapter Package Size 17L x 10W x 4H cm Weight 200g
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