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dual usb 2 0 5v 2 1a 1a car cigarette lighter charger w led white orange 12 24v купить по лучшей цене

Black Xiaomi ROIDMI 12-24V to 5V 2.1A Bluetooth Player 4.0 Car Charger Xiaomi Accessories Coupon Code: d7d369 Coupon Proce: $13.26 Description: Take the plating process, fine workmanship; Dual USB output port to meet your needs. White Version:White ROIDMI Car Charger Specification: Model: BFQ01RM Input voltage: 12-24V Input current: 0A-2.4A Output: 5V 2.1A Dual-port output power: 15.5W Total FM: 87.5-108MHz Output Interface: Dual USB Color: Black Device Requirements: APP supports Android 4.0 and above Installation position: car cigarette lighter socket(Suitable for shell type cigarette lighter) Not applicable: NISSAN, KIA, Subaru Peugeot Peugeot 201. Peugeot 2008 Honda: Odyssey, front range, Bin Chi Ling faction, Fit Toyota: VOIS Changan Mazda: Mazda 2 Dongfeng Honda: XR-V Skoda: Jing Rui Xin move Renault: Card Bin Citroen: Elysee FAW-Volkswagen: New Jetta While referring to the internal structure of a cigarette lighter, it is determined whether or not the adaptation ROIDMI Charger only support Shrapnel-type cigarette lighter Note: Various models of many brands, consumers should refer to the above adaptation of models, also refer to the internal structure of the cigarette lighter discretion. Installation: 1. Installation APP "Xiaomi Smart Home" or "Car Bluetooth FM";(The Original App is only in chinese now) 2. Insert the car charger into the cigarette lighter socket; 3. Open the Bluetooth mobile phone, a key link. APP currently supports only Android. Iphone can be connected via Bluetooth, using the default frequency 96.4 to play music. Package Included: 1 X Car Charger Product Details:
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