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Eachine Light-2D FPV Brushless Gimbal w/Motors & Controller For DJI Phantom Dear all,This item in our stock are all the new version now. Old version: New version: Description: Item Name:Eachine Light-2D brushless gimbal Voltage: 7.4-11.1V Current: 150mA Height: 95mm Weight: 160g/235g(without/with Gopro 3+) Color: Silver Features: - Assembled and debugged, ready to fly. - Simple stable CNC aluminum alloy structure - Super Lightweight design professional - Brushless motor direct drive - With anti-vibration rubber balls effectively reduce the vibration - Compatible with Gopro 3,2,1 and similar size weight in (50-120G) camera - With 2pcs 2208 motors and BGC3.1 gimbal controller system - With motor protector which can help heat dissipation How to Calibrate: - Press the button on the controller for one time,you can calibrate the accelerometer; - Press the button on the controller for two times,you can calibrate the gyroscope; - Press the button on the controller for three times,the current position is set to the default; - Long press will reboot the system. Note: - Not included the camera in the picture,the camera only for shooting reference. - DO NOT electrify the gimbal before mounting the camera,or the gimbal will disorderly shaking. - DO NOT electrify the gimbal unless the gimbal and the camera are horizontal. - DO NOT touch the pins on the gimbal controller after powering on the gimbal,otherwise the controller would be burnt. The gimbal controller board manual and other useful things,please click here Package Included: 1 x Aluminum gimbal with 2 motors 1 x Gimbal controller board 1 x Sensor 1 x Pitch control cable 4 x Anti-vibration ball(not necessarily black)
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