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Wind Powered Walking Walker Mini Strandbeest DIY Assembly Model Kits Description: The Mini Strandbeest moves just by the wind and its own engineering genius. No electricity or batteries help power this beautiful creature and allows you to spend time exploring the design while you build it. It's an amazing creatures infused with the power of nature. Features: It walks on the wind, by hand or by blowing against the propeller Build-it-yourself model kit No external power need A best gift for children and family Material: Wood with plastic Age: 7-18 age Height (back of the beast): 11cm (4.3") Height (top of propeller): 17cm (6.7") Width: 13cm (5.1") Length: 20cm (7.9") Packaging size: 28.6 x 21.2 x 6.4 cm Package included: 1XSet of strandbeest assemble walker toy
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