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diy assembly windmill wind powered car toy blue купить по лучшей цене

Solar powered toys are great fun. They require no batteries and work anytime there is sun available or the right kind of light. Every day more and more solar powered toys are available as solar production costs become more affordable. This is an ultra cool model style solar kit. It is made from strong ABS plastic and has 6 different models that can be assembled. You can build a robot a windmill a revolving plane airboat boat and even a cool car. As well you can try and build something on your own with the 43 pieces and use your imagination. This is a great hobby that teaches you about solar power. It is a truly great toy for those cool and geeky kids. Here is a great way to bring a smile and some joy to young learners who like interactive toys. You can enjoy the toy the price and not to mention the absolutely free world wide shipping. - Color: Blue + white - Material: ABS plastic - Build 6 different models of solar powered toy: windmill revolving plane airboat plane car and robot - Comes with 43 small accessories - Great assembling toy for kid to practice their brain and be educated the benefits of solar energy - Comes with Chinese/English manual - Noted: complete Windmill size: 18.5 x 18.5 x 16cm
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