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Many of our society's most important institutions, including courts, universities, and medical centers, mandate Alcoholics Anonymous for those suffering from addiction. AA has become so infused in our society that it has become practically synonymous with addiction recovery. Yet there exists very little empircal data proving that AA and other 12-step programs are effective in helping addicts heal. Despite reports claiming that AA only has a 5-10% success rate, countless doctors, judges and employers continue to refer their addicted patients for treatments based on the 12 Step model, rehabilitation centers center their program around this model, and many addicts themselves are simply unaware of any other options available to them. This book gives a well-reasoned rebuke to the notion that AA is for everyone, an idea that no other field of medicine would entertain. Armed with rigorous analysis, cutting-edge research and convincing case studies, Dr. Dodes builds a powerful and compelling case against the monopoly of the 12-step program. In his own practice, Dr. Dodes has encountered numerous patients who wasted years in AA groups or rehab centers with little hope for full recovery. He suggests treatment that takes a multi-faceted approach to every patient, acknowledging the importance of personal history, psychological and physical health, and the unique road that leads an individual to addiction. Having treated addicts for many years, he has practiced what he preaches, with real...
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