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Recorded live at Birmingham Town Hall in December 1992, Magnum perform to an enthusiastic audience of loyal and devoted home town fans. This stunning live performance of the band's magic includes their UK hit singles Days of No Trust, Midnight and When The World Comes Down. The concert ends with a selection of Christmas songs. Bob Catley-VocalsTony Clarkin - Guitar & VocalsColin "Wally" Lowe - Bass Guitar & VocalsMickey Barker - Drums & PercussionMark Stanway - KeyboardsTracklist: 01. All England's Eyes02. Vigilante03. Pray For The Day04. Les Morts Dansant05. You're The One06. On A Storyteller's Night07. Stormy Weather08. How Far Jerusalem09. Only In America10. Days Of No Trust11. Drum Solo12. Midnight13. On Christmas Day14. The Last Dance15. Sacred Hour16. When The World Comes Down17. We Wish You A Merry Christmas18. Kingdom Of Madness

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