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This book intends to supply readers the finite element analysis of skew plates. A brief finite element methodology for analysis of skew plates is provided further. Extensive numerical problems are solved for skew plates with considering different analysis types for varying geometry, boundary conditions and loading. The following problems are discussed: • Static linear analysis of skew plates. • Geometric non-linear analysis of skew plates. • Stability analysis of skew plates. Investigations on the skew plate problem have become a benchmark due to its wide use in modern structures. Analysis of skew plates has been interesting and challenging due to mathematical difficulties involved in the study. Also computational efforts increase in the skew plate study due to singularities involved at the obtuse corners with increasing skew angle. Such skew plates are often used in civil, marine, aeronautical and mechanical engineering applications. Owing to practical importance and also due to mathematical complexity involved in the analysis of skew plates, in the present work, efforts have been taken to exercise linear bending, geometric non-linear and stability analysis of skew plates.
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