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digital infrared thermometer with laser sight random color 32 c 380 c 26 f 716 f купить по лучшей цене

The Non-Contact Infrared thermometer is designed for surface temperature measurement with temperature range from -18℃ to 275℃ and accuracy of ±2% or ±2℃ of reading. It features 8:1 distance-to-spot ratio with laser sighting for pinpointing the measurement area. The large and easy-to-read LCD with backlight displays the readings clearly. The small and easy-to-use infrared thermometer with the durability and accuracy is a practical tool for home and workplace use. Features Temperature range from -18℃ to 275℃ Accuracy: ±2% or ±2℃ of reading Distance-to-Spot: 8:1 @ 90% energy Repeatability: ±1% or ±1℃ of reading Single point laser sighting Holds temperature readings for 7 seconds Backlit display for poorly lit areas Specifications Measurement Range -18°C to 275°C (0°F to 525°F) Accuracy 100°C - 275°C (212°F to 515°F), ±2% of reading 0°C - 100°C (32°F to 212°F), ±2°C(3.5°F) of reading Below 0°F (32°F) ±3°C(5.5°F) of reading Repeatability ±1% of reading or ±1°C whichever is greater Emissivity Pre-set 0.95 Distance-to-Spot size 8:1 calculated @ 90% energy Response time < 500ms Display resolution 0.2°C (0.5°F) Spectral range 6.5 – 18 um Thermopile detector Display hold 7 seconds Yes LCD backlight Yes Temperature display °C or °F selectable Low battery indicator Yes Low battery indicator Yes Ambient operating range 0°C - 50°C (32°F to 120°F Relative humidity 10% - 90% RH non-condensing @ up to 30°C(86°F) Storage temperature -20°C - 65°C(-4°F to 150°F) without battery Power 9V battery Battery life 4 hours Dimensions (H x L x W) 152mm x 102mm x 38mm Standards Conforms to EN 61326-1 Electromagnetic Emissions and Susceptibility EN 61010-1 General Safety EN 60825-1 Laser Safety Certification CE, CMC Weight 270g Package Size 23.3 x 16.3 x 3.5 (cm) Packing Content: 1 x Fluke 59 Mini Infrared Thermometer 1 x User Manual
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