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1 This module is the pulse generator module used for the signal supplied to stepper drive. To control the stepper motor it must be equipped with the drive down. This simple stepper drive stepper motor controller DC power supply can be composed of a set of simple control the platform. Now the controller has high medium and low frequency signals of three kinds can be used jumper selection frequency parameter about are: High: 5.8KHz~127KHz; In: 590Hz~15.8KHz; Low: 82Hz~2.3KHz Frequency measurement : can the amount of PUL and female end (GND) two ports. 2 PUL and PUL- are the positive and negative pulses; EN and EN- enable terminal is the positive and negative; DIR and DIR- is the direction of the positive and negative. These six lines are respectively connected to the pulse corresponding to the drive direction to enable the six ports. Note that if you use to start or stop the function is enabled on the controller side must ENA common cathode or common anode connected to the drive; 3 2 set of power input two sets only pick a set of power can be. One set is connected to the DC power supply DC 15~160V. Another group is DC 5~12V. If it is a DC 5-12V power supply power supply is connected to "5~12V into" negative power supply connection "common cathode side"; 4 As well as open to stop the motor by reversing over keys to control. 5 The motor speed can be adjusted by changing the frequency to control the potentiometer. 6 The original and open to stop the motor reversing switch is common with self- locking switch. Manual:
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