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This book as it is clear from the title, deals with various aspects of control of induction motors. The authors tried to make this book so easy to understand especially for the graduated and non graduated students. More than 50 Simulink circuits and 469 equations and 174 figures have been implemented to be as commence of the students to build their algorithms. Starting with an introduction about induction motor, part of the book dealing with control topics begins with vector control with high performance drive system and gives details about how to implement it, main parameters, Simulink implementation, vector control with encoder and without encoder is the main types of vector control in this book. Direct torque control principle with Simulink implementation. Scalar control either open loop or closed loop methods used in low performance drive systems are considered with Simulink implementation of each type. The modeling of the induction motor with all reference frames is introduced combined with induction motor modeling under stator open winding fault, stator short winding fault, broken rotor bar fault and modeling of induction motor under disturbance.
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