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Brand N/A Model 03100367 Quantity 1 Color Green Material Glass fiber Specification In+: Input positive; In-: Input negative; Out+: Output positive; Out-: Output negative; Weight: 35g; Dimensions: 67 x 42 x 18mm (length x width x height); Display color: Blue; Input voltage: 3.5~30V; Output power: 100W maximum{Note: according to the law of conservation of power computation under the condition of rated output current: Uin x Iin x efficiency = Uout x Iout (Uin: input voltage Iin: input current)}; Output voltage: 3.5~30V (step-up mode the input must be less than or equal to the output voltage); Input current: 6A(maximum 10A); Voltage meter accuracy: +/- (5 +1 digit); Static power consumption: Typical about 15mA (With the input voltage output voltage and the color is closely related to the digital pipe. The actual current there is a deviation); Operating mode description: With key off function and reduce power consumption; Input and output voltages can be displayed alternately; Power state can be freely defined; Output voltage mode: Boot default display it LED indicator off; Input voltage mode: Press button switch to it LED indicator on; Alternating mode: Press button again input / output voltage alternately display (3s); Press button again switch to output voltage display; LED voltmeter stop working mode (the mode is still working); Keep pressing the button until the monitor does not display numbers (long press more than 4s) and release the button. LED lights shuts down. At this time it does not perform memory function. Click the button the LED voltmeter starts working again. Data testing (voltmeter open): 3.7V to 5V / 2A 82.5% efficiency; 5V to 12V / 2A 88.4% efficiency; 7.4V to 12V / 2A 90.2% efficiency; 12V to 18V / 2A 93.6% efficiency; 18V to 24V / 2A 95.3% efficiency; 24V to 30V / 2A 97.1% efficiency Features 100W DC-DC High Power Boost supply Power Application 100W DC-DC High Power Boost supply Power English Manual/Spec Yes Packing List 1 x Module
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