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Does it get any better than this? Canadian torch singer and pianist Diana Krall is in perfect form in this two-hour Paris concert, recorded in December 2001 shortly after the release of her CD The Look of Love. In her band, guitarist Anthony Wilson and bassist John Clayton get the lion's share of attention, but the entire ensemble (including lush strings from the Paris Symphony Orchestra) provides flawless support for Krall, whose skill on a Steinway is as impressive as her smoky interpretations of vintage standards and ballads. Inspired by guest conductor-arranger Claus Ogerman, Krall can surprise with subtleties (like a delicious hint of the Beatles' "Day Tripper" in her closing of "All or Nothing"), or glide into solos with a master's flair. Matching the music beat for beat, the camera coverage and editing are intimate without being obtrusive, making this a bit of jazz heaven here on earth. Songs:01. I Love Being Here02. All or Nothing03. Let's Fall In Love04. The Look of Love05. Maybe You'll Be There06. Deed I Do07. Devil May Care08. Cry Me a River09. Under My Skin10. East of the Sun11. I Get Along12. Pick Yourself Up13. S'Wonderful14. Love Letters15. I Don't Know Enough About You16. Do It Again17. A Case of You

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