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The 5-port USB car charger is designed to charge multiple devices simultaneously whilst driving, perfect for any road trip or the daily route to work. It features 2 x 1.5A extremely powerful charging ports, as well as and 3 x 5V 1A charging ports, meaning you can charge up to 5 devices such as tablets, gaming devices, smart phones, even GPS at the same time. Feature 5V 6A or 30 Watts maximum total output. Ready to charge mobile phones, iPhone, iPad and other USB-powered devices. The included 3-foot extension cord provides extra flexibility that allows you to put the charger at your convenient location. Short circuit protection (OCP), over load protection (OLP), over voltage protection (OVP), over heat protection (OHP) for use safely. Compact design, ideal for travel or car use. Specifications Interface 2 x 1.5A, 3 x 1A Input DC 12-24V Output DC 5V - 6A Package included 1 x 5-Ports USB Car Charger Charging Hub Size 10L x 4W x 2H cm Package size 18L x 9W x 3H cm Weight 140g Certification CE approval
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