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The design of many structures need to foundation systems to resist vertical or horizontal pullout loads. As part of a larger effort to improve the performance of foundation systems, the development of guidelines for anchor system design and installation. The different structures like transmission towers, tunnels, sea walls, buried pipelines; retaining wall and etc are subjected to considerable pullout forces. In such cases, an absorbing and economic design solution may be obtained through the use of tension members. These elements, which are related to as anchors, are generally fixed to the structure and embedded in the ground to effective depth so that they can resist uplifting forces, will safety. The anchors are a thin foundation system designed and constructed specifically to resist any pullout force or overturning moment placed on a structure. Generally, anchors are used to transmit different forces from a structure to the soil. Their strength is obtained through the shear strength and dead weight of the surrounding soil. The different types of anchors used in geotechnical engineering and anchors are including of: Grout system Helical system Plate system Soil hook system(SHS)

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