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Climate change has become our new reality. It brings with it changes in weather patterns that can have serious repercussions for all of us. Climate change is a major threat to the sustainable development of Nigeria. Responding to climate change from both mitigation and adaptation angles require strategic approaches. Global warming and the consequent change in climate have posed and are posing threat to existence of life. Many nations including Nigeria lack the necessary coping capability required for coping with the impact of climate change. It has become necessary to adapt to climate change. The study examined farmers’ strategies for adapting to climate change in Lagelu Local Government Area of Oyo State. Data were collected by using well-structured questionnaire and interview schedule administered on 120 farmers through the use of multistage sampling procedure in the study area. Description and analysis of data were carried out using frequency counts, percentages, means, tables and severity index calculation while multinomial Logit was used to test the hypothesis that there is no significant relationship between some selected socio- economic characteristics and adaptation method
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