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Climate change is a global reality that affects livelihoods. These analyzes reveal the strategic responses of Buea peasant farmers to the potential effects of climate change on their main livelihood activity, agriculture. It provides an illustrious picture of peasant farmers’ awareness and coping strategies, as well as the initiators of strategies that help them adapt. Buea peasant farmers are aware of climate change due to its felt impacts on their livelihoods. Even in the absence of a national climate change policy and a support network, peasant farmers are unilaterally using on-farm (agronomic, agro-forestry) and off-farm adaptation strategies to lessen the impacts of climate change on agricultural output. This work argues that adaptation is farmer driven and the innovators are elderly and experienced farmers with an average level of education compared to others in the villages. However, on their own these strategies are insufficient for an off-set of the potential climate change risks facing these vulnerable communities. However, further research in: knowledge of awareness of climate changes, farmers’ attitude to climate change and agricultural innovation strategies is needed.

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