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"Macmillan English Quest" is a fresh, lively primary series for young pupils learning English.The series is based on the idea that studying English is a voyage of real world discovery. - Macmillan English Quest 3 Pupil's Book is story-based.The characters, who are looking for the Quest Cup with the help of magic symbols, go to different places and learn about people and cultures all over the world. - Technology is featured throughout the series, through the characters, the stories and games, providing a familiar and motivating context for young language learners. - There is a strong focus on CLIL which provides pupils with interesting real-world contexts in which they can develop their language skills. - The Animated Stories and Songs CD-ROM, packaged with the Pupil's Book, brings the stories to life and provides extra activities for use either in the classroom or at home. - The Activity Books are full of fun and engaging activities, which pupils will enjoy and which will help consolidate the learning from the Pupil's Books. - The Teacher's Books contain comprehensive teaching notes to fully support teachers who are working with Macmillan English Quest. - There is a Digibook (a digital version of the Pupil's Book) for each level of Macmillan English Quest. This is packaged with the Teacher's Book and is designed to provide a more flexible range of teaching options in the classroom.

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