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Planning urban landscape is part of the process of adapting the physical environment to better fit with human needs and desires. In China, urban green space is the result of such human adaptation of natural environments. This book analyses the evolution of post-1949 Chinese urban green space development in terms of how urban nature has been conceptualised, valued, used and planned within the Chinese context, and the underlying driving forces for the evolution. Beijing provides an effective, historical and comparative demonstration of this evolution because it is China’s capital and immersed in the very socio-cultural, political, economic, and environmental conditions that underpin new planning approaches. This book is suitable for researchers who are interested in studying or comparing Chinese urban nature planning in relation to international trends; for students and practitioners of landscape planning, landscape architecture, urban planning, and natural history. Especially for Chinese landscape students who study overseas, this book is a useful reference work since it provides a thorough analysis of both Chinese and western urban nature planning history, theories and practices.

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