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Comprising three course books, this series is aimed at university students in all disciplines who require instruction in completing academic writing tasks. Through extensive use of examples, model texts, and practical activities, the course develops the essential skills needed to compose texts which meet the expectations of an academic reader. Academic Writing Skills 3 looks at the specific components of academic writing, such as avoiding logical fallacies, and synthesizing and improving the clarity of sentences. It is appropriate for advanced writing students needing to develop specific writing and analytical skills to complete academic writing tasks. The skills emphasized in this volume include: - Taking a position for different academic tasks - Developing a logical sequence of ideas in paragraphs - Effectively paraphrasing, summarizing, and quoting outside sources - Synthesizing and integrating outside sources - Using different citation styles and in-text citation techniques - Writing strong and descriptive sentences - Using hedging and intensifiers, and transitional words and phrases
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