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December 29, 1990-My brother, Brian, just phoned, "Get your ass down here and film! NOFX and Pennywise are opening for Bad Religion! Eric (of NOFX) says it's cool. "I arrive at the El Portal Theater in N. Hollywood a little before 5:00 PM. No hassles from security - they've been expecting us. The theater is relatively empty...except for the members of Bad Religion. They see us, we all nod our heads, "What's up?" They're ready for their sound check; I start taping. We're the only camera guys in the house-that's how I became the only cameraman to film the Bad Religion Riot of 1990 from first beer bottle thrown to the last... The Fire Marshall's decision to cancel the gig incited an over-capacity crowd of 1,000 Bad Religion fans into an angry mob. Rocks and beer bottles went flying causing an estimated $25,000 in damages. Paramedics rescued the injured, firemen hosed the masses, and police "escorted" the diehards. You've seen "The Riot" footage when KABC-TV aired it internationally on ABC World News Tonight and when Pennywise used it in their 1995 Epitaph release "Pennywise: Home Movies." Now you can see it live and uncut in its entirety. "Bad Religion: The Riot" - a piece of punk rock history. -Richard White Tracklist: 01. We're Only Gonna Die 02. Part III 03. Par II 04. Damned To De Free 05. How Much Is Enough? 06. Doin' Time 07. You Are The Government 08. Yesterday 09. Land Of Competition 10. Bad Religion 11. Politics 12. Fuck Armageddon... 13. Voice Of God Is Government 14. Frogger 15. Drastic Action 16. When 17. 21 St Century Digital Boy 18. The Riot 19. Doin' Time (Remastered) 20. Part III (Remastered)
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