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Audiological assessment forms the basis for habilitation and rehabilitation for children and persons with hearing impairment in enabling them to become more productive to the society and lead an independent life. It is only through effective audiological assessment that their hearing acuity can be ascertained and early intervention initiated. This study evaluated audiological assessment process at audiology section 0f Kenyatta National Hospital. The objectives of the study were to find out how different variables like human resources(professionals),audiological facilities and equipment and audiological procedures interrelate during the entire assessment process. The literature reviewed in this study reveals that the earlier the assessment, by qualified professionals using the right audiological procedures and right audiological facilities and equipments, the better the outcomes. The findings of the study revealed that there was inadequacy of professionals in the audiology section, audiological facilities and equipments which limit the audiological procedures and services provided in in the hospital. The study recommended more funding of the section and training more professionals.
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