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His first recording contract, RCA Studio sessions, the breakthrough as the defining figure of Rock'n'Roll, chart successes, an acting career - 1954 to 1959 were undoubtedly the most significant years for the King of Rock'n'Roll. Elvis was frequently accompanied during this period by the renowned photographer Alfred Wertheimer, who was afforded unrestricted access to the King. Wertheimer's reputation was cemented by the intimate portrait of the star that he was thus able to create. The images are quite exceptional - unaffected, spontaneous and, with the passage of time, as famous as the artist and photographer themselves. "Elvis - The Early Years" - in collaboration with the Elvis Presley Estate (Graccland) - presents an exclusive selection of Wertheimer's Elvis Presley photographs. The CDs that come with the book feature over 50 songs selected from the early years of the King.

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