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Video Parrot Mambo is equipped with detachable cannon and grabber, turning the sky into a playground and reminding you of your childhood memory. The detachable cannon allows you to shoot miniature balls at moving objects that are up to 2 meters away, while the grabber will transport miniature objects that weigh up to 4g to a different location. The High-tech sensors and autopilot functionality on the Parrot mini drone will ensure the drone fly smoothly and easy to control. Cannon Interact with other drones and pilots using the included Cannon accessory. Test your skills with target practice, and fire these little balls at a pyramid of cups or other light-weight targets. You can load up to 6 pellets into the Cannon at a time. Grabber Attach the Grabber to the Parrot Mambo and use it to transport mini-objects up to 4g to a new location. Simply activate the claw on the home screen of your FreeFlight Mini app, carry something up into the air, and put it down wherever you want. Aerobatics In The Air It can perform fun acrobatics such as flips and barrel rolls. So you can also enjoy acrobatic tricks and flips in flight Enhanced Safety Advanced flight controller and high performance sensors make the drone easy to pilot and control. The autopilot functionality ensures that it will stay stable and hover, even if you let go of the controls. App Control You can pilot using virtual joysticks in Joypad mode (default setting), or by tilting your smartphone/tablet in the direction you want your drone to go in Accelerometer mode. Specifications Brand Parrot Mambo Accelerometer 3-axis Gyroscope 3-axis Camera 300,000 pixels Memory 300MB Battery 550mAh LiPo battery Bluetooth Support Flying Time Max. 9min Charging Time 30min with a 2.1 A charger Product Weight 63g(without bumpers or accessories) Product Size 18 x 18cm with bumpers Package Contents 1 x Mambo Drone, 1 x Cannon, 1 x Grabber, 1 x USB Cable, 50 x Cannon Balls, 1 x Quickstart Guide

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