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Video The Feiyu Tech Gimble has the latest in waterproofing technology, with the WG2 verified with a IP67-Level. This will allow the gimble to work as deep as 0.5 meters under water, this is perfect for scuba divers, surfers and filming in the rain. The Feiyu Tech WG2 IP67 Waterproof 3-Axis Wearable Gimbal for GoPro Hero 5/4 has restructured its design to enable a 360-degree limitless rotating angle. You are able to connect the Feiyu to your smartphone and remotely control the filming angles. IP67 Waterproof Rating With its enhanced structural water resistance, good for scuba diving, surfing and filming in the rain etc. 360 Degree Rotating The tilting angle and panning angle can be changed in 360 degree when it is vertical/forward/inverted mounted. Single Button Operation Single button for gimbal on/off, operating modes switch and direction adjustment. Optimized Scene Algorithm Improved the anti-jamming and computing ability of the sensor in high-frequency jitters and high-speed motion. APP+Bluetooth Remote Control You can control the gimbal by Bluetooth connecting to smartphone. Time-lapse Photography It can condense the time and record amazing images not seen by the naked eye. Built-in Battery The WG2 can work for 2 .5 hours with its built-in lithium battery. 1/4 inch Screw Hole 1/4 inch screw hole on bottom and back on, compatible with more accessories. Wide Compatibility Compatible with GoPro HERO5/ HERO4 session and other sport cameras with included session fixture at the similar size as GoPro. The maximum payload is 130g. Specifications Tilting Angle 360 degree Rolling Angle 70 degree Panning Angle 360 degree Tilting Increments Min 1.5 degree/s, max. 150 degree/s Panning Increments Min 1.5 degree/s, max. 270 degree/s Payload 130g and below Work Duration 2.5 hours Battery Built-in battery Charging port Micro USB IP rating Waterproof IP67 Indicator Battery/operation status displaying Extension 1/4 inch screw hole, T-Clamp screw hole Mount way Inverted mount, vertical mount, forward mound Product Weight 265g (camera not included) Product Size (L x W x H) 89.3 x 40 x 102.5 mm Package Contents 1 x Feiyu WG2 Waterproof Gimbal 1 x USB Cable 2 x Screws 1 x Storage Case 1 x Adapter Mount 1 x User Manual
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