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brand new wp 1040 60a brushed esc controller waterproof for hobbywing quicrun rc car motor купить по лучшей цене

Hobbywing XRotor 40A APAC Brushless ESC 2-6S For RC Multicopters Note:This item is APAC version,can only be used at Asia-Pacific area,if you want to use it at other areas,please use a 3A UBEC for external power supply.Here are two UBEC we recommended for power supply. Hobbywing 5V/6V 3A UBEC,please click here External brushless 5V 3A UBEC,please click here Specification: Brand:Hobbywing Model Number:XRotor-40A Cont.Current:40A Burst Current(10sec):60A BEC:None Lipo:2-6S Programming:Timing(high/middle) Weight:26g Size:68x25x8.7mm Plug:3.5mmx3 Usage:RC Multicopter APAC means Asia-Pacific Version,the official ESC sold in Asia-Pacific areas. Features: - Using Multicopter special program, fast throttle response,surpasses all kinds of open source software; - Firmware was optimized specifically for disc motor, and it has a very good compatibility; - Highly intelligent, strong adaptive capacity, reserve the timing setting item (height/middle timing) easy to use; - Throttle signal line is twisted wire to reduce crosstalk within the transmission signal generated by the copper, so that more stable flight; - Supports refresh rates up to 621Hz throttle signal, compatible with various flight controllers. (Note: the throttle signal over 500Hz are all non-standard throttle signal); - Using MOSFET special driver IC, its performance and stability far surpass the driving circuit with discrete components built; - Ultra-low resistance MOSFET, strong flow capacity. English manual please click here Package Included: 1x Hobbywing XRotor 40A brushless ESC
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