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Color Black Brand N/A Model FM-01 Quantity 1 Piece Material PVC Shade Of Color Black Screen Size N/A cm Screen Display Transmitting Frequency Screen Resolution N/A Function Supports one-key-to-switch function among the six transmission frequencies; Powered by any USB 5V device; Compatible with car MP3 MP4 cellphone Notebook PC CD MD DVD; Working current: Power Off Memory Function No FM Frequency Range 87.5MHz90MHz95MHz100MHz105MHz 108MHz FM Transmit Distance 30 m Audio Formats MP3 File Format MP3 Audio Mode Live Remote Control No Remote-controlled Distance 5 m SNR N/A Bitrates N/A Interface/Port USB 2.03.5mm Storage Interface OthersN/A Built-in Flash Memory 0 External Memory Max. Support No B Power Supply Others5 V Packing List 1 x Item
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