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There is a difficult issue for new firm to introduce new product and it would be too costly, if those new products face with high rate of failing. So, it is crucial for those firms to find a shortcut for entering to the market with reasonable risk. Several books have been published demonstrating the positive effects a single or multiple, reputable ally has on evaluations of a focal brand; however a majority of researchers have tried to find the effect of well-known brands in alliance strategy. so there is a gap between success of unknown brand after allying with personal brands.The purpose of this book is to examine the effect of alliance strategy on unknown brand. This book begins with analyzing the effect of personal brand on unknown brand after allying. Further analysis conducted to study the effect of firm brand on unknown brand after allying by measuring perceived quality, attitude towards and purchasing intention. The results suggest that businesses should pay attention to alliance strategy when the product that they want to enter to the market is not well-known. This book is most useful for managers who want introduce a new product to market.

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