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brand new 140m c2e c20 ser c with free dhl ems купить по лучшей цене

Description: SER1616H16 Holder External Thread Turning Tool Boring Bar Holder with 10pcs 16ER AG60 Inserts Specification: Module SER1616H16 The application of blade 16ER Cutting tools Insert 16ER AG60 EM35 Quantity of holder 1pcs Quantity of insert 10pcs Features: For turning, cutting tool having a cutting portion. Installed in the lathe cutting of metal materials for tools. Cutting tools is one of the most widely used tool. Working part is to produce tools and processing chip parts, including blades,the chips broken off or rolled structural elements of the structure, the storage capacity of the chip or chip space, cutting fluid passage and the like. Package Included: 1 x SER1616H16 Holder 10 x 16ER AG60 insert More Details:
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