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45 Effective Juice Recipes to Naturally Control Your High Blood Pressure: 45 Home Remedy Solutions to Your Hypertension ProblemsBy Joe Correa CSN These recipes will help you to quickly and naturally lower your blood pressure in a matter of hours. High blood pressure is a serious health condition we all have to face sooner or later. Some people have the tendency to develop it earlier and others (the majority) once they pass the age of 50. High blood pressure is not something we have to be afraid of, we just have to learn how to control it, the sooner the better. It is for these reasons that we have prepared a selection of powerful juice recipes. Keep in mind how valuable your body is and that we should not wait until this condition gets worse. Prevention is the key!We have included juice with fruit combinations with strawberries, blueberries, lemons, and many more because of the high vitamin C concentration in them and their powerful effect’s on dilating blood vessels. We also included juices with watermelon, linseed, bananas, and others because of their high levels of potassium which is an essential element when trying to control hypertension. Some juice recipes have celery and parsley for their phytochemicals and their capacity to eliminate toxins from your body and help control high blood pressure levels. Make sure to take high blood pressure seriously and make a conscious decision to lower it by controlling what you eat on a daily basis.
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