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A Jewish mother's true story of tragedy and triumph, Blame it on Anna was written by Clarice Tilchen, along with her children Mark and Sharon, who explore the meaning of life through their mother as they ponder whether a person’s life story can truly be summed up in a few chapters of a book. The story mixes dreams with realities as this simple Jewish woman dances with famous Hollywood personalities as she travels the world. Is it real or fantasy? True or not, Clarice’s life is tied to numerous stars of the 1940's and 1950's. Clint Eastwood, Barbra Streisand, Tony Curtis, Dorothy Malone, Rock Hudson, and many others are among those who play a role in this true tale of one person's search for life's joy and happiness. This book is a love story between two sisters on a journey of often unimaginable events. What greater accomplishment than having given everything you have within yourself, never expecting anything in return? Not a thank you, a kiss or even a hug, but rather simply the knowledge you have given with love. A Russian immigrant family comes to America in 1905, and amid much success, tragedy follows the failure of an arranged marriage. An attempted murder, suicide, fire, orphans, cancer... can things get any worse... or is there a story of overcoming adversity somewhere in this tangled mess.

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