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If you'd like to lose weight, enjoy great health benefits, and drink delicious tasting green tea, this educational green tea reference guide just might be your cup of tea! A short list of health benefits associated with green tea, include: o improved vision and skin o detoxification o mental clarity o better digestion o increased circulation and energy o better digestion and weight loss Nutrition and diet specialist Kelly Larson provides substantial proof of green tea's numerous health benefits while showing you how to use green tea to reduce fat and inhibit the effects of insulin. This well-researched book provides study after study documenting the effectiveness of green tea and green tea diet patches. Green tea diet patches are also compared to green tea pills to illustrate each weight loss method's advantages or disadvantages. Are there other ingredients in green tea diet patches? Yes, and you really ought to know what they are, so Kelly explains each added ingredient in great detail. Kelly also include an extensive section containing an abundance of green tea diet plans so you can decide which one is perfect for your personal taste, weight loss goals, and lifestyle. Green tea is not a miracle worker but it is highly effective, natural weight loss options that can help you attain your weight loss goal without the use of dangerous prescription drugs, herbs, or supplements. Kelly Larson's professional expertise ensures that you utilize green tea to its maximu...
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