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Features: Humanized design Outstanding health effects Using Two kinds of external power supply 8 kinds of massage intensity can be adjusted Computer USB interface connecto,transformer connection Description: Item Type: Electric head massager Size: 251816.4cm(Approx.) Color: Gray Power Source: 3 AAA batteries (Not Included) Size can be adjusted: Front-end device with elastic panel,fixed card,depending on the size of the first type,for targeted massage Back-end design with slow release,easy to remove massage,acupuncture points,with senior medical latex soft Using the ways and means: It will be directly set in the head massage acupressure points on the number of in front of both the end of that elastic adjustment in the back of the head,that is,toward a front hood,no hood in the head Then move the suitch,adjust massage intensity (1-8 kind of intensity can be adjusted). According to their needs,turn off the power at any time after use,directly to the head massager can be removed. Whether you're at the office or home,or traveling,can at any time massage and relieve fatigue aches,headache,work fatigue,improve sleep,improve memory,relieve brain fatigue and quality of work provided significant results,so you conduct their mind more quickly,work efficient,through the maintenance of the brain,so your undertakings is a gift,and white-collar workers and students the best partner. Package Included: 1 x Electric head massager 1 x USB interface connector 1 x Power Adapter (100~240V) Note: For the people of 12 years old or above.

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