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best full spectrum 300w led cultivate light for hydroponics greenhouse grow tent led lamp suitable for all plant growth 85v 265v купить по лучшей цене

Material: Metal casing Emitter Type: LED Total Emitters: 50 Power: 50 x 1 W Color BIN: Red : Blue = 8 : 1 Rated Voltage: AC 85~240 V Input Current: 300 mA Frequency: 50/60 Hz Luminous Flux: 2 M / 171 LUX 3 M / 80 LUX 4 M / 41 LUX Color Temperature: - Lifespan: About 50000 hours Connector Type: EU plug Heatsink System: Built-in 1 pcs fan Use: Ideal for all phases of plant growth Accessories: US plug power cable metal hook LED grow lights are finally here! LED is the newest trend in home grows. It is the perfect addition to any hydroponic set up whether in vegetation or budding stages. LED lights last a lifetime longer then traditional bulbs and don't have the heat problems associated with them! This is a 50W LED growing light. It’s encased in a solid metal housing for long life and durability. It has a total of 50 one watt LED bulbs. The color BIN ratio is 8 red LEDs for 1 Blue LED. It is exactly what every grower requires to get those beautiful big flowers and buds. The luminous flux ranges from 171 LUX at two meters to 41 LUX at 4 meters. These LEDs put out an extremely low heat signature which is great for enclosed spaces and eliminating the use of expensive to operate A/C units. They are the lowest consumer of light energy on the market drawing a mere 300mA. With these characteristics you greatly reduce heat and risks of electrical fire plus the lifespan of these LEDs is 50000 hours more then enough o get the job done. Make your grow show safer and cooler with LED grow lights. They are the way of the future they are even used in space shuttles for there experiments.
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