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beiand t10 composite cotton children car safety seat red купить по лучшей цене

Suitable for children from 9 months~12 years old - This is a "Universal child restraint; it is approved to ECE Regulation 22.04 for general use in vehicles and will fit most but not all vehicle seats. - Only suitable if the vehicle is fitted with 3- point static 3-point retractor safety belts approved to UN/ECE Regulation No.16 or other equivalent standards. - Compact and reasonable design make it not only enjoy the safety of traditional child seat but also easy to carry install and clean. - Five-point safe belt harness system - The seat can be folded easily put it into the trunk. - Use high density and thick Composite Cotton - Soft breathable environmental protection fabric makes it more comfortable. - Three levels of adjustable seat belt system 5 levels of adjustable head cushion can be suitable to different children's weight height more comfortable and safe - With multi-button shoulder strap belt adjustment the baby's body can be care with most comfortable way. - With New design head cushion and neck pillow and growth type waist protecting belt embody both ergonomics child psychology and other factors. To achieve the best performance
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