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"Professional English in Use: Finance", the latest exciting addition to the bestselling "English Vocabulary in Use" titles, is suitable for intermediate to advanced students (B1-C2). "Professional English in Use: Finance" contains 50 units covering the most up-to-date financial vocabulary, from accounting to borrowing and lending, central banking to venture capital and many more areas including financial idioms and metaphors. Primarily designed as a self-study reference and practice book, it can also be used for classroom work and one-to-one lessons. This book is a must for both trainers and learners of ESP and Business English, who need to use English in a financial environment. 50 easy-to-use units: vocabulary items are presented and explained on left-hand pages with a range of practice exercises on right-hand pages. Presents and explains all new vocabulary in context. "Over to you" sections give learners the opportunity to put the language into practice. Includes a comprehensive, learner-friendly answer key. "Professional English in Use: Finance" is the ideal companion for learners preparing for the new "Cambridge International Certificate in Financial English". Suitable for self-study or classroom use, "Professional English in Use: Finance" covers vocabulary and key topics from the exam. The exam is for finance students and those already employed in a finance setting.

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