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Professional video quality (as good as Gopro3 silver) 1. With full battery capacity 1000mAh and circuit design optimized by engineer 1080p shooting time can be up to 110 minutes. The camera adopted lens as same as GoPro here 3 with excellent image quality;3.170 degree wide angle much wider than GoPro under 1080p mode;4. Each waterproof shell passed the strict factory inspection to ensure the 60m waterproof depth;5. Flat lens for underwater footage;6. Special two-way remote control 15~20m;7.The waterproof shell adopts imported stainless steel screws anti-corrosion by sea water;8. Good light sensitivity and professional anti-shake;9. Real and saturated color; 10. Stable system and simple operation;11. Rainproof remote controller;12. Contrast ISO metering adjustment for better video;13. One button back to pre-record mode;14. Upside down video/image 180 degree;15. The joint of waterproof housing is compatible with accessories for gopro hero camera;16. Compact and stylish design;17. Motion detection and loop recording for car use;18.CPU is NTK96650 Tips: Accessories for Evoplus camera are abundant comfortable durable and of good quality .Please search тАЬevoplusтАЭ for more camera accessories options.
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