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A leader is more than someone who is in charge. A true leader is someone who understands how important it is to empower others. One of the greatest privileges you can have is the opportunity to be the leader of leaders. There are plenty of bosses but very few true leaders. What of success? I have come up with three truths about success. The first is that it is never a constant, second it is relative and third it is circumstantial. As to its lack of consistency, success may be held one moment and taken away the next. Success is relative to a focus. You may be great at business but fail as a husband/wife, father/mother or friend. And not everyone holds success to the same standard. In any set of circumstances you may be a huge winner in their eyes or you may be a loser. In this book you will find truths about leadership that make it more than a rung on a ladder and much more than a position. Not everyone was designed to be a leader and that is not a bad thing. But if you feel that you are a true leader then you will want to equip yourself with every tool available so that you may be where you are supposed to be when destiny shows up. The choice is yours, lead on.

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