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Levinas’ philosophy of communication is responsibility for the Other in a specific walk from traditional conceptuality to articulation of unspeakable. Paradox of unspeakable speech and position that indicates overcoming phenomenology can be characterized as meta-methodological discourse as an utopian path to new humanism. Philosophical tradition failed to stop the evil and hate to the Other. Philosophy always comes too late, as Hegel said, like Minerva’s awl that flies in the eve. However, as a conscience of mankind, philosophy is most valuable warning on the future consequence of acts made in contemporary world, as the only light that still shines form Plato’s ideal world. Levinas gives this chance to philosophy as an utopian clue for possible changes of the world in a extreme conflict between Sollen and Sein. The question is; maybe utopia is a destiny for philosophical thought? Levinas gives a suggestion about how human relation could be, as a last hope for humanity. Conscience of European, at the end of the millennia that glorified human mind, is not clear. How can we still think about humanism after wars, oppression, genocide, Holocaust, totalitarian regimes and terrorism?

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