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Where do you turn for advice on raising your Deaf child? Hearing the Deaf for the GENIUS is your lifeline!Claire M. Fox, M.Ed., teacher of Deaf education for 25 years, has written this guide to help you understand the unique needs of your Deaf child, the educational possibilities, and the resources to help find the best help available.You’ll learn how to deal with the emotions that arise and find answers to questions you’ll have when you’re told your infant is Deaf, and how to navigate through early childhood and through your child’s school years. You’ll understand that Deafness doesn’t mean your child is disabled or incapable, but simply perceives and learns about the world differently from a hearing person.While the focus of this book is on parents, educators will also benefit from the suggestions for setting goals and objectives, approaching reading and writing, and the importance of open communication and involvement in the educational process. Both parents and school administrators will better understand the support systems available and required for Deaf students.Hearing the Deaf for the GENIUS helps you, the parent:Build your team of specialists—the doctors, audiologists, teachers and therapists who will help your child succeed.Make informed decisions regarding hearing aids or cochlear implants.Understand why your child behaves in certain ways, and options for handling those situations.Embrace the learning of American Sign Language as early as possible for both you and...
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